Phoenix i Wheelchair

Phoenix i Wheelchair – Toyota Mobility Unlimited Challenge Winner

The Phoenix i is set to change the wheelchair as we know it. The i will be the first ever lightweight wheelchair embedded with SMART technologies.

Featuring intelligent centre of gravity, electronic braking and built in power assist along with other life enhancing features.

The dramatic, ultra-modern, carbon fibre frame is designed for unparalleled strength and impact resistance with a sub 3KG weight. Curved and smooth the i follows the shape of the body for a natural fit and appearance.

The Phoenix i is not a vision of the future, it already exists as a working prototype. In December 2020 we won the Toyota Mobility Unlimited Challenge and we are now working on completing the development of the Phoenix i. Register below to keep informed on our progress.

Phoenix i Wheelchair

We will keep you informed so you know when the Phoenix i becomes available. Every registration will count to demonstrate demand to see wheelchairs advanced with SMART technologies.

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